Dhafer Youssef performed at Festival International de Carthage, Tunisia

Take a trip down memory lane and savour Dhafer Youssef’s vibrant full concert along with his Septet, the Divine Shadows Strings and Tunisian Poet Sghair Ouled Ahmed during Carthage International Fest’s closing night.

Dance of the Invisible Dervishes” is a 2011 creation by the composer, vocalist, and oud master Dhafer Youssef. It regroups all his works between his first album, “Malak”, and his sixth, “Birds Requiem”. It is performed by his classic quintet (Oud, Piano, Bass, Drums, Electric Guitar) supplemented by a Clarinet, Kanun and Strings ensemble.
Dhafer Youssef’s special touch in this project is to unite electronic music, of which he is considered an avant-garde artist since his albums “Digital Prophecy”, “Electric Sufi” and “Divine Shadows”, with acoustic work, based on what he had started in 2009 with the Abu Nawas Rhapsody Quartet.

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