I’ve always lived by this golden rule,
Whatever happens “don’t blow your cool”
You’ve got to have nerves of steel
Never show folks what you honestly feel
I’ve lived my whole life this way
For example, take yesterday.

I breezed home happy
Brining her my pay
Her note read “so long sappy,
I have ran away.”
I threw myself down across our empty bed.
And this is what I said

But I Was Cool.

So I one-for-the-road it
At an all night bar
Wound up so loaded
I tore up my car
The judge threw the book at me
And when I read his sentence there I said

But I Was Cool.

So I said she’s the only one I have to thank
So I found her and pulled my gun and fired point blank
The shot whistled straight passed that woman’s head
And killed my hound dog dead

But I Was Cool.

As they carried me away
I was overhead to say
Be cool, stay cool, keep cool
Play it cool

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