Berndt Arvid Freddie Wadling (2 August 1951 – 2 June 2016) was a Swedish singer and actor born in Gothenburg, whose over 30-year musical career extended from punk to classical ballads. Freddie Wadling died on 2 June 2016 at the age of 64

Ingenting är sant, allting är möjligt

Freddie Wadling’s conversation with Carl Abrahamsson in 1987 and three classic Blue For Two songs recorded in 1987 became the Super-8 film “Love begins to write a book” in 1988. 26 years later, Abrahamsson and Wadling recreated it all, with the same questions and the same songs performed by Blue For Two (Henryk Lipp & Freddie Wadling). The result? A fascinating time travel in an artistry and an eternally crackling presence in Swedish cultural life.

A film by Carl Abrahamsson, Sweden, 2015. 35 min.

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